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Stephanie Zaharova

Stephanie started her journey in to the world of dance as a child in Pirjo Kuha Ballet School. At the age of twelve she was working as a dancer on a cruise ship. In her teenage years she followed on to compete in hip hop, Latin show and show jazz categories, achieving her highest ranking of silver in the Finnish Championships in the show jazz formation as well as Latin show small group. In 2008 she performed in X-Graders at the Finnish National Opera.


In Helsinki she studied in Skene musical theater program and has a diploma in dance from Sibelius High School, and went on to graduate as a contemporary dancer in Berlin in 2016. Her graduation piece ”Where is Rufus” was part of S.o.S festival


Since then, Stephanie has continued her career and working as a varieté dancer, illusionist in Magic Pearls and a backround dancer for Loona as well as a contemporary dancer in multiple different art projects

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