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Hadra Hura 

Hadra Hura tells a story of loss, migration and search for a place where one could be at home  again while all one´s belongings and all one´s identity fit easily into just one suitcase.The Experience of Expulsion turns into a journey  of fortune and a challenge to grow from the past without loosing oneself. in speaking images seven dancers embody the different stages of this passage from torment and  despair towards release and reassurance while accepting the exile. as in a  ritual their dance generates the elemental force to feel oneself  and to give oneself To the moment in which the presence seems paradoxically inherited by the eternal and in which the dance feels consciously being in connection connected with this truth of human existence. from here arises the certainty of the essential in oneself, to be at home in spirituality and due to religion being able to accept fate and  survive, which  can´t be taken away from oneself anymore.

Choreographer: Mohammed Diban

Lighting Designer: Salma Nasser

Costume Designer: Ahmad Mansour

Visual art and film materials: Osama Hafiry

Producer: Christine Schmidt 


Eine Produktion von Fenster zum Osten – shibak sharqi gGmbH mit Harake Dance Company, White Flux Productions und freundlicher Unterstützung von Theaterhaus Mitte/Förderband e.V. und Uferstudios GmbH

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