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Once upon a time...
A man named Franz K. was living in Berlin. As he was taking a walk in the park near his apartment one day, he encountered a girl weeping bitterly over the loss of her puppet. To comfort her, the man began to write her letters from her doll’s perspective, filled with tales of the doll’s delightful adventures on her journey around the world.

But what if this story took place today?

Inspired by the romanticized legend of Franz Kafka’s lost letters, MANIFESTO posits a realistic take on the kinds of experiences a doll might face if she traveled the world today. In many places, especially in poverty- and war-stricken countries, women are consistently first to be targeted by violence and oppression. Like the doll, women who dream of a better life sometimes entertain romantic ideas of escape—and some even follow through. But for those who venture to explore, further hardships from trafficking to oppression lie in wait wherever they turn.

Choreographer: Mohammed Diban

Eine Produktion von Fenster zum Osten - shibak sharqi gGmbH mit Harake Dance Company 

und freundlicher Unterstützung der Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa im Rahmen des Programms „Weltoffenes Berlin“, Tanzraum Wedding GbR, Theaterhaus MItte/Förderband e.V. und Uferstudios GmbH

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