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Every move we make contains a number of emotions remaining incomprehensible to us unless we freeze them in time to catch their essence. Then we recognize them as the upspring of the feelings battling in our mind and we can take up the fight with these inner demons. Into their realm we enter as into a foreign city, a dehumanized place, where ghostly appearances of anger, hate, 

hysteria, denial or numbness discharge themselves.

Choreographer: Mohammed Diban

Visual art and film materials: Osama Hafiry

Lighting Designer: Salma Nasser

Costume Designer: Michaele Daoud

Producer: Christine Schmidt 


Eine Produktion von Fesnter zum Osten - shibak sharqi gGmbH -  In Kooperation mit Harake Dance Company -  White Flux Productions – mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Tanzraum Wedding GbR - Theaterhaus MItte/Förderband e.V. - Ehemaliges Stummfilmtheater Delphi.

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