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We think that anyone can be a dancer. We want to create an environment where we match  a trained body and an untrained body in an honest and real space that creates a beautiful  combination between freedom and creation. Because we believe that what you can do is  what you can be.


Harake is a company of professional dancers and artists. we are all united to  make powerful dance pieces that combine the best elements of Eastern and Western  dance styles, and create a lasting impression on the world.  the projects we engage in: they must be inspired, and they must have a deeper meaning. In ourcompany, there is a reason for every motion, and a history behind it. The people and organizations we work with also must share this desire for dance to be meaningful and thought-provoking. And we must interact through a common language of mutual respect and open communication.


We dream of communicating our culture and philosophy through the highest quality dance  productions, which we then share with the world. We want to join in the conversations  which Maurice Béjart, Pina Bausch and Akram Khan have been having for years. We hope  to have productions where the audience is fully engaged with both their mind and spirit,  and to teach classes where our students emerge feeling like they are really dancers.


Harake Dance Company established on the International Dance Day 29 April of the year 2017 in Berlin.



  1. Tabu Dance Performance in 30th edition of the Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre. 

  2. Leitung des Tanzworkshops "Tanz mal Interkulturell" für Salam e.V.


  1. Tabu dance performance, ​Berlin, ​Uferstudios 2022

  2. "Das Orchester" Performance im Mühlenbergcenter, Festival "Keine Angst" Berlin

  3. "Das Orchester" Performance in Apostel Petrus Kirche, Interkulturelle Woche Berlin

  4. Das orchestra dance performance in Kulturmarkthalle. Berlin

  5. Das orchestra dance performance in WeFest Festival. Essen

  6. Leitung des Tanzworkshops "Tanz Ist Leben" für Salam e.V.


  1. RITA/ THE LONG RAIN ,Dance Performance,
    Uferstudios-Berlin Germany .

  2. Participated in JTC festival Tunisia. Manifesto ,Dance Performance ,Tunisia.

  3. Participated in #wAlman Festival, Das orchestra dance performance , Berlin, Mannheim

  4. Leitung des Tanzworkshops "Stepping Stones für Salam e.V


  1.  premiered three Performances in Uferstudios Manifesto -Berlin Germany*

  2. Hadra Hura , Festival Für Freunde, Dahnsdorf, 01.08.2020

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  1.  premiered Opium dance performance in theater im Delphi  *Opium-Berlin Germany.

  2. Participated in Cairo international festival for contemporary and experimental theater  *Hadra Hura-Cairo Egypt*.

  3.  Participated in Alsawari Theater festival for youth *Hadra Hura-Bahrain*

  4. Voices of Damascus dance performance with teatre BLAU at INCART  *Voices of Damascus- Mallorca Spain*.

  5. Hadra Hura Was shown  in February  in Uferstudios *Hadra Hura-Berlin Germany*.

  6. Participated in the biggest theatre festival in the Arab world “Arab Theatre Festival”  *Hadra Hura-Tunis*. 


  1. premiered Hadra Hura dance performance in Uferstudios *Hadra Hura-Berlin Germany*.

  2. Participated in Iranisches Theater festival DIF, Theater Tiefrot Köln*Hadra Hura-Köln Germany*.

  3.  premiered Selsal dance Performance *Selsal-Berlin Germany*.


  1. Participated in Iranisches Theater festival DIF, Theater Tiefrot Köln*Rita\ The Long Rain -Köln Germany*.

  2. Participated in Cairo international festival for contemporary and experimental theater  *Opium-Cairo Egypt*.

  3. Bürgerfest des Bundespräsidenten , Berlin

  4.  Participated in the Kritnet Konferenz , Ost-Passage Theater *Hadra Hura-Leipzig Germany*.

  5.  premiered three Performances in Uferstudios *Rita\ The Long Rain ,US ,The Hole-Berlin Germany*.

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Harake Dance Company 2024


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  Tel   030 - 70 23 88 87

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